The Socially Responsible Website

The latest evolution of the MUSE website reflects the choir itself.

The vibrant souls and overcoming attitudes of the members inspired not only the website's colorful design, but also inspired me to create the site.

Furthermore, MUSE's mantras of social justice and community values were practiced in the website's development. The site was created with and is hosted using Free Software.

Free [ as in freedom ] Software is computer software written by, for, and because of a world-wide community of concerned programmers and users. We are against non-free, proprietary software, and legislation that promotes it.

Incessant spam emails are benign compared to what else can and is being done by well-known "reputable" software companies, see for example. Because of proprietary software, your computer and computer devices can be used by someone else as a tool to:

Prevent you from sharing
Spy what you type, buy, watch, hear, and read
Physically track where you go
Censor what you say and hear

Choose to use Free Software.

Essay - Your Freedom Needs Free Software - An essay plainly explaining why everyone's freedom depends on free software

Free Software Foundation - - An organization dedicated to promoting computer users' rights to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute computer programs.

The MUSE website uses:
the Drupal content management system
with Ogg audio files
served by Apache
running on a Gnu/Linux system
best viewed in Firefox web browser
— All Free Software.

It's been my pleasure to help MUSE in creating this new site.

J.D. Panyko