Frequently Asked Questions About Auditioning with MUSE

What is the audition like?
Auditions are scheduled in 10 minute increments. When you arrive for your audition, there will be a small group of singing members who will meet you. They are there to answer questions and get to know you before your vocal audition. This informal interview is also considered part of your audition.

For your vocal audition, you will be expected to select and sing one piece. This piece can be any style you are comfortable with. You can sing your solo accompanied, (an accompanist is provided and please bring a copy of the music for the accompanist), a cappella or you may accompany yourself (guitar, tape, etc). Memorization is optional.

You will do a vocal warm-up as part of the audition and be asked to sight-sing a portion of another song. Sight-singing is not a requirement for acceptance as a singing member. Additionally, you will sing with other singers to hear your voice blend.

Relax! It will be fun.

How will I know the time of my audition?

Once you have submitted an Audition Request Form, someone from MUSE will contact you to schedule an audition time.

Where are auditions held?

MUSE Auditions are held at Community Matters at 2104 Saint Michael Street, Lower Price Hill, Cincinnati. View Larger Map. Enter The Sanctuary through the front doors. An accessible entrance is on the West Side of the Sanctuary.

Where does MUSE rehearse?

MUSE rehearsals are held at Community Matters at 2104 Saint Michael Street, in Lower Price Hill

What is expected of me as a member of MUSE?

Rehearsals are 7:00 – 9:30 p.m. on Mondays. We produce 3 major concerts and have 20 or more run-outs each year. The expectation is that every singing member participates in 70% of the events.

What does the 2017 schedule look like now?
MUSE will perform concerts on March 4 and 5 in celebration of National Women's Day. There will also be a concert in the beginning of June. Run-out performances will occur throughout the year, including the Macy's ArtsWave Sampler and the annual Take Back the Night march. You must be consistently available on Monday nights for rehearsals, and participate in the March and June concerts.

What kind of support can I expect in MUSE?

There are several people in the choir who are available to help you learn about MUSE and are committed to making your first year as easy and enjoyable as possible. Each section has a music section leader and a membership section leader. Angie Denov and Marti Mohar are the Membership Chairs. Each new member is assigned a “buddy” who will be the one to explain, remind and provide support for you when you need it. The artistic and administrative staffs are also available to assist you.

What is the “5th Section”?
These are volunteers who are part of the production team. The 5th section supports the singers in many ways – production of concerts, staging events, managing our MUSE Marketplace, etc.

When will I know if I made it?
You will receive a call in the days soon after your audition, whether you are invited to become a member or not. More information will then be sent to you about our schedule, your Buddy and other important details.

How many singers is MUSE looking for?

MUSE always strives to represent diversity within our membership and we encourage all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, sexual preferences, and musical styles to audition. The choir tries to maintain membership at 60-70, with balanced voice parts. On your audition day, we will know better which sections we are filling.