GALA Choruses Festival - Send Off Concert


Admission FREE
June 26, 3 pm
Mt. Washington Presbyterian Church
6474 Beechmont Ave.

It won't be long before we're on our way to Denver for the July 2-6 GALA Choruses Festival! MUSE, Cincinnati's Men's Chorus and DiverseCity Youth Chorus will perform their festival sets (20 min each) at 3:00 on Sunday, June 26 at Mt. Washington Presbyterian Church. Please join us, and send us off with your support and encouragement!

GALA (Gay and Lesbian Association) of Choruses celebrates this festival every four years. MUSE and the Cincinnati's Men's Chorus are rock stars at this festival because of the history and commitment we bring to GALA. This year's festival features a special emphasis on youth choruses, so Cincinnati's DiverseCity Youth Chorus is going by special invitation.
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