5th Section Volunteers

The MUSE 5th Section is non‐singing MUSE members, open to all who uphold the MUSE mission,vision and values and wish to help MUSE achieve her goals by participating in the operations of the choir. 5th Section members enjoy all benefits of MUSE membership, including social activities, retreats, travel and festival opportunities, community‐building and educational opportunities. 5th Section members are expected to attend concerts, most run‐outs, and at least 50% of rehearsals. 5thSection members receive all MUSE member communications and participate in all MUSE member surveys. They are included in all reported choir demographics. Dues are paid at half the rate of singing members.

MUSE Volunteers are nonmember, nonsinging individuals, open to all who uphold the MUSE mission, vision and values and wish to help MUSE achieve her goals by providing extra hands at concerts, special events and other occasions upon request. Volunteers may be invited to production meetings as they are scheduled and will report to the Concert Production Coordinator. Volunteers are not required to pay dues.

If interested in becoming a 5th section member or participating as a volunteer, please click on the following https://goo.gl/forms/8Voz2nkbai3HUx4W2